For a long time, I have been quite curious about La Tasqueria whose menu is based on offal dishes. It is not surprising that most of the people have an “unpleasant” expression on their faces when you offer them a dinner at an offal restaurant, however just one visit to “La Tasqueria” in Madrid may change this biased attitude towards the offal.

The name “La Tasqueria” is a combination of “Tasca” and “Casqueria” that mean “Tavern” and “Offal Shop”. It was established in 2015 as the project of a Galician Chef Javi Estévez.

I have to admit that I feel a bit uncomfortable while writing a review about “La Tasquería” as it already has 1 Michelin Star and 1 Repsol Sol but every experience is unique and worths to share.

Let’s start with the reservation process. Unlike other Michelin Star restaurants, I was totally surprised for being able to make a reservation via its web site 3 days before the date of my planned visit. I was happy with smooth and user-friendly process via web page of the restaurant.

The Menu

The adventure began with the appetizers ( veal tongue and green olives) and a basket of bread accompanied by olive oil. We ordered 3 dishes to share namely: Veal tongue with lobster, pig’s trotters with crayfish , veal sweetbreads with egg yolk and kale.

Each of the dishes were well elaborated and the balance between offal&side ingredients were so successful that we do not feel any discomfort despite the fact that they are all packed with tons of fat (due to nature of offal)

For me, the true star of the table was the veal sweetbreads. At the moment when you dip your piece of bread into the egg yolk hidden in the hearth of the sweetbreads covered with crunchy Kale; you can tell that the food is a present from the heaven to give a clue about what is the paradise is like!

Overall, I recommend “La Tasqueria” to all offal lovers to refresh their passion for “tongue, brain, sweetbreads, liver etc.” and to adventurous palates to discover new tastes.

Address: Calle Duque de Sesto 48, Madrid

Price range: 35-40 Euros per person

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