Today we will prepare one of the well known dishes of Colombian and Venezuelan cuisines: “Arepa”. The main ingredient of Arepa is “Masarepa” which is a precooked ground white corn flour. 

Arepa is usually stuffed with ingredients like cheese, black beans, beef, chicken etc.

The idea of preparing an Arepa has been given me by a Venezuelan friend of mine; however when I shared my video with him a great shock hit me: I prepared the Colombian version instead of the Venezuelan one… In the Venezuelan version, they stuff the Arepa with cheese after cooking the Arepa whereas the Colombians stuff it with cheese before cooking as I had already done. I hope at least he appreciated my goodwill.


1 cup Masarepa  (precooked ground white corn flour. 

1 cup warm water

½ coffee spoon salt

1 table spoon butter ( at room temperature)

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese 

1 table spoon olive oil


Knead the dough with Masarepa, water, salt and butter.

Cover the bowl with a clingfilm and leave the dough rest in the refrigerator for 115 minutes.

Cut egg-sized parts from the dough, roll them then open a hole in it, fill 1 table spoon grated cheese, then close and make it flat as it is shown in the video.

Spread some olive oil on the surface of pan with a brush. Put the arepa on the pan when it is heated, cook two sides of arepa.

Serve it while it is hot. (You can spread some butter on the arepa as well)

Buen provecho /Enjoy!

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