300 gr fresh spinach

1 cup quinoa

1 onion

1 egg

1 coffee spoon black pepper

1 coffee spoon paprika

½ coffee spoon thyme

1 clove of garlic (grated)

3 table spoon grated mozzarella 

2 table spoon grated  white cheese / feta cheese


2 table spoon olive oil

1 table spoon sesame


Chop the spinach an onions, sauté them with olive oil. ( Keep the green colr of spinach, do not sauté too much)

Drain the cooked spinach.

Soak the quinoa in warm water and leave it there for half an hour. Then wash the quinoa under tap water in a filter.

Cook the quinoa with 1,5 cups of water.

Mix cooked spinach, quinoa, spices, garlic, egg and cheese in a large bowl.

Spread a baking sheet on a baking tray; pshape the spinach mix by using a cookie mold and place the spinach bites on the baking paper.

Sprinkle sesame on each spinach bite.

Vake them in the preaheted oven (220 Celsius in the oven without fan, 200 Celsius in the oven with fan) until the cheese melts and the bites have an amber color as iti is shown in the photo (about 15-20 minutes)


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