This soup is a typical dish of the province of Kilis in the Southeastern region of Turkey.


-1,5 cups red lentils

– 2 cups water

– 2 cups chicken stock

– 6 cloves of garlic

– 1 coffee spoon flake of red pepper 

– ½ coffee spoon paprika

– 1 coffee spoon dried mint

– 1/2 coffee spoon ground black pepper

– 1 coffee spoon salt

– Juice of 1 lemon

– 1 small bunch of chard (Due to Covid-19 I cannot fo to shopping quite often. Thus I used frozen green beans instead of chard. The original recipe includes chard or eggplant)

– 5 table spoon olive oil 


– Finely chop or grate 3 cloves of garlic; slice 3 cloves of garlic like flaked almond. (See the photo above) 

– Rinse the red lentils with cold water and drain them. 

– Add 2 cups water on the top of lentils, boil and cook it for 15 minutes on low heat.

– Add the chicken stock and cook until the lentils soften. (The cooking time varies lot depending on the type of lentils. So, I am not advising an exact cooking time) 

– Add finely chopped garlic, spices, salt, lemon juice and finely chopped chards (in my case green beans) into the soup, cook for 2-3 minutes.

-Put 5 tablespoon of olive oil into a sauce pan and those chopped garlics. Fry the garlics until they become chips with the color of golden.

– Sprinkle the oil with garlic chips over the soup.


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