Nowadays I am a big fan of Japanese Netflix series about food. Midnight Diner, Samurai Gourmet, Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salary Men are some of my favourites. 

Matcha Tea Bavarian Cream was the theme of Season 1 / Episode 6 of Kantaro and from the very first moment I see it, a strong urge occurred to me about tasting it. As there is zero probability of finding this dessert somewhere else than Japan and zero possibility of going to Japan in near future, just one option left: Cooking it on my own!

Adding a Japanese touch by Matcha powder to the famous dessert of a great French chef (Marie Antoine Careme) was a brilliant idea. Also, it combines three different elements in one plate not only in terms of texture but also colors. 

I will share another dessert recipe with Anko beans next week and I will try many more ones with it, that’s why I prepared my Anko with 2 cups of beans. 


-2 egg yolks

-1/3 cup (60 gr) granulated sugar

-1 cup (200 ml) milk

-5 gramgranulated gelatin

-10 gr matcha tea (1,5 table spoons)

-1 cup (200 m)l heavy cream- we will use 50 ml of it for garnishing

For garnishing:

-Anko (Red bean paste)

(Ingredients for it: 1 cup azuki beans, 1 cup granulated sugar, a pinch of salt)


-Dissolve matcha in1/2 cup of boiling water. Soak the gelatin in 2 tablespoon water.

-Beat the egg yolks with sugar, add milk and heat until the it boils while stirring. Remove it from the heat just at the point of boiling.

– Add dissolved matcha and gelatine.

– Strain it from a colander.

– Cool it and meanwhile mix occasionally until it gets as firm as whipped cream.

– Whip the cream, add ¾ of it into the cooled matcha cream, stir it.

– Pour the matcha cream in a container. (I recommend lining it with a plastic wrap to facilitate removing it).

-Chill the cream in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

– Serve it with some whipped cream on top and with some Anko.


Instructions for Anko:

-Soak Azuki beans overnight in cold water. Rinse and drain.

-Place beans in a saucepan add water until it covers the top of beans. Cook for 5 minutes after it boils.  Drain and discard water.

-Place drained beans in the saucepan again and cover with 3 cups water.  Reduce the heat when it boils, simmer it for 1,5-2 hours (Add hot water if needed)  Remove the foam on the surface occasionally.

– Drain beans and place them into saucepan again. Add sugar and a pinch of salt, keep stirring them while cooking for 10 minutes. 

– Cool the paste and keep in the fridge (covered)

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