I have to confess that I am addicted to potatoes. I would be more than happy to feed myself each and everyday if there had not been any risk of obesity:)

Potato, which is a rich source of the vitamins of A, C, K, B6, E vitamins and potassium, arrived to Europe from South America on 16th century. Despite it is relatively late arrival to our cuisines, now it is an indispensable part of it.

I prepared potato dumplings stuffed with mushrooms buy you can also stuff them with ground beef. 

Ingredients: (3-4 pax)

-3 medium size potatoes

-4-5 table spoons corn starch 

-1 egg

-100 grams mushroom

-1 onion

-2 table spoon grated cheese

-2 table spoons olive oil

-A few sprigs of parsley

-2 tablespoons butter 

-1 coffee spoon grated nutmeg

-1 coffee spoon black pepper

-1 coffee spoon paprika

-1 coffee spoon chili pepper flakes


-Peel the potatoes, chop them into 8 pieces. Boil them until soften (around 20 minutes).Patateslerin kabuklarını soyun, her bir patatesi 8 parçaya bölün, patatesler yumuşayan kadar haşlayın (20-25 dk)

-Chop the onions and mushrooms finely. Sauté onions with olive oil for 5 minutes. Add mushrooms, paprika, chili pepper and cook for 10 minutes more.

– Drain the boiled potatoes, mash them. Knead a dough with mashed potatoes, 1/2 table spoon butter, 1 egg, salt, corn starch and nutmegs. 

– Make tangerine sized balls with potato dough. Flatten potato balls, stuff with mushrooms, add some cheese, close the dough to form a ball again. (See the photos)

-Boil water in a saucepan. Add potato dumplings and boil them until they climb up to the surface of water. 

-Melt 1,5 table spoons butter in a pan, add pepper flakes and chopped parsley and mix them. 

-Sprinkle butter sauce on potato dumplings before serving.


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